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Enquir3 are very flexible, for example, I've only just given Niki my contacts for July and we're on 25th. She's been very patient about that. ...
Thank you Alan, for your kind words. Alan Perkins if the Managing Director of SilverDisc. We are...
Name:Alan Perkins
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Online Marketing
I think it gave us a very useful insight into the opinions that our clients have of us, and they were probably more honest because they were talking to someone other than us. I thought the process was controlled as we were quite hands off; Other...
Thank you, David, for your kind words. David Hailey is the Partner of UHY Hacker Young ...
Name:David Hailey
Job Title:Partner
Company:UHY Hacker Young (Letchworth)
Service(s) Provided:
Enquir3 delivered what they promised to deliver and were quite persistent in getting our clients to answer the question. ...
Thank you, Mike, for your kind words. Mike Rhodes is the Director of Crispin Rhodes. We are...
Name:Mike Rhodes
Job Title:Director
Sector:HR Advisors
Company:Crispin Rhodes
Town:Milton Keynes
Service(s) Provided:
I think what was good was that Enquir3 did everything for me. I didn't have to get involved in any of the chasing. Enquir3 made it easy. ...
Thank you, Joy, for your kind words. Joy May is the CEO of Absolute Works. We are delighted to be...
Name:Joy May
Job Title:CEO
Sector:HR & Employment
Company:Absolute Works
Service(s) Provided:
I recently bought a crystal chandelier at a saleroom, but it was in pieces and incomplete. Lustrelight advised me on what could be achieved by rearranging the arms and adding a few new components. It really was worth investing in the restoration...
Thank you Monica It was lovely to be able to create something so unique!
Name:Monica Lomax
Service(s) Provided: , ,
My parents have had two chandeliers since they were first married. For many years the lights haven't worked, so as a present for their wedding anniversary, I contacted Lustrelight to see if they could get them back in working order. The guys...
Thank you for the lovely feedback. It's great that your parents have been able to keep the...
Name:Melanie Clarke
Service(s) Provided: , ,
My wife and I are lucky to live in a beautiful old house. The rooms are large and the ceilings are high, so when it comes to cleaning the chandeliers we leave it to the professionals - Lustrelight! They always do a great job, they don't leave...
Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. It's always a pleasure keeping your chandeliers...
Name:Edward Thompson
Service(s) Provided:
I bought three light fittings at a car boot sale many years ago. It was a gamble because they were in pieces and I didn't know if I'd be able to get them to work. I contacted Lustrelight and sent them some photographs. They told me that...
Hi Jenny ...
Name:Jenny Mason
Service(s) Provided: ,
The crystal chandelier in the foyer of the hotel is very large, so it is impossible for the maintenance staff to clean it properly. We have had such great service from Lustrelight over the past few years that we now just ring them every year and...
Thank you for the recommendation. It's a privilege to work on such a spectacular chandelier!
Name:Natalie Head housekeeper
Service(s) Provided:
Our treasured crystal chandelier, which we'd had for decades, stopped working, so we rang Lustrelight to see if they could help because we didn't want to have to replace it. It needed rewiring because it was so old, and it was filthy...
Thank you Frank. ...
Name:Frank Whatmough
Town:Lytham St Annes
Service(s) Provided: , ,