Burgis & Bullock's twenty plus years caring for Cow Lees Care Home

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Back in 1992, John O’Sullivan opened the doors at Cow Lees Care Home on the outskirts of the market town of Bedworth in Warwickshire. Cow Lees is a 72-bed residential home providing specialist care for people with dementia and other challenging behaviour. Accountants Burgis & Bullock have been working with John O’Sullivan since Cow Lees opened its doors 26 years ago.

Cow Lees Care Home Ltd
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Tough times for the care home sector

The needs of a company operating in the care home sector are complicated and varied. It has been a difficult time for the care sector with many care homes being forced to close their doors due to spiralling costs. In addition, the industry suffered much adverse publicity, which had an effect on the reputations of even the best-run homes in the sector.

The industry today is heavily regulated, with regular inspections and stringent standards set by the Care Quality Commission. As well as meeting and exceeding the care standards, care home owners have onerous fiscal responsibilities and complicated tax affairs. John O’Sullivan was the first to admit, “Over the years we've gone through a lot of difficulties but they've [Burgis & Bullock] always been very helpful. You need good advice from all professionals and I think the fact that we've always made a profit and we're still in business is down to the work we do, but also the advice we're given from the professionals, including Burgis & Bullock.”

Search for a ‘competent’ account led to Burgis & Bullock

When Cow Lees Care Home opened its doors in 1992, John’s search for a competent firm of accounts began. Burgis & Bullock’s experience in the care home sector and their tailored, personal approach has led to a professional relationship which has, to date, spanned 26 years.

John works closely with his Burgis & Bullock advisors. He said, “I'm involved a lot in the preparation of the documentation for Burgis & Bullock. I have a professional that I've dealt with now for some years who comes to site and we get on very well, so it's an easy process to complete the documentation”.

Burgis & Bullock manages the Cow Lees annual audits ensuring the company is not just compliant, but that every specific area of need is addressed. As a company, Burgis & Bullock adhere to the APB Ethical Standards set by the Financial Reporting Council, which promotes transparency and integrity in business. 

As well as audit services, Burgis & Bullock advises Cow Lees on its tax affairs. Tax efficiency is essential for any business, but for a care home employing large numbers of staff, it is critical. Burgis & Bullock’s professional advice and guidance ensures tax liabilities are kept to a minimum, whilst still complying with the demands of HMRC.

The benchmark of Burgis & Bullock’s service is its standards of customer service. The company believes in open lines of communication and a professional team that clients can trust implicitly. John O’Sullivan summed it up by saying, “I'm kept up to date with the financial position of the home which is always a good thing. They advise me on what is now required in the accounts so it's invaluable that way. I'm kept up to date with legislation and supplying all the information to the bank. I did get one of their specialists, Rosie, to look at some things for me about a year ago which has benefited us greatly so I've been very pleased.”

John O'Sullivan
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Managing Director
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