Customer Care

It is rare that management or staff know what their clients or customers really like and dislike about your business, it’s people and the products or services you deliver.

Your business will almost certainly fall into one of two camps, you either:

Don’t provide an effective system to ask for, receive and respond to structured feedback from your clients

or you do, but...

You fail to: Ask the right questions, in the right way and at the right time.

The Customer Care Programme is a structured process to collect feedback and referrals from your current customers.
Implementing a Customer Care Programme will:    
  • Enhance customer service
  • Maximise sales to existing customers
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase profitability (through increased prices and lower operational costs)
  • Increase referral rates  
This is achieved by:
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Acting on feedback
  • Reaffirm value delivered
  • Exploit upsell/ cross-sell opportunities
  • Utilise testimonials and case studies
  • Requesting referrals
  • Incentive & reward system
The Benefits:
  • Systematically obtaining and acting on client feedback results in staff solving the problems clients really care about...
    (Resulting in improved client satisfaction and a business that can manage itself)
  • Obtaining written success stories is psychologically powerful and it inevitably makes staff fluent in 'value statements'
    (Which is superb for increaseing sales to existing, referred and other new clients)
  • Client communication using success stories and related anecdotes is THE most powerful sales message...
    (Influencing all Growth Drivers: Leads, Conversion, Sales Value, Margins, Frequency, Client Retention and Referrals)

A ‘Client Engagement Audit’ will deliver real Client Insight…

Qualitative Measures:

What stands out about the products/services your business delivers?
What your business could do to improve customer/client satisfaction?
Quantitative Measures:

How many customers/clients would recommend your business to others?
Your current level of customer/client satisfaction:
How well do customers/clients think your service is delivered?
Does your business offer good value for money?
Do customers/clients think your people are considerate and helpful?
How do your customers/clients rate the quality of your communications?