The term ‘lighting’ covers a vast and varied marketplace full of luminaires available to the interior designer, architectural specifier and enthusiastic decorator. Designer, decorative, commercial, low energy, period, bespoke...the list is endless!

Lighting can make or break a project and selecting the wrong type of lighting can spell disaster, whether it be for a large scale commercial project or a simple refurbishment of a domestic scheme. Used well lighting can be the focal point of the project, it can create ambience, highlight decorative features, reduce energy consumption, enhance the decorative style – whatever the brief demands. But poor lighting can be disastrous so it really does pay to shop around!

The world is full of lighting suppliers; some good, some not so great. Design Advisor has been created to help you to navigate through the options to find the best solution for your project, backed up by genuine third party endorsements from customers just like you. 

Some of the greatest manufacturers of lighting are the smaller, creative firms who don’t receive the recognition they should because of their size and lack of promotional budgets. That’s why Design Advisor is a valuable resource; nobody can pay to get to the top of the listings, the only way to get there is to offer a truly great service and fabulous products!

There is no charge to use Design Advisor. Just select the category of lighting you’re looking for and read the company reviews. And, if you’ve had an experience of one of the companies, please leave your own feedback to help future visitors to the site.