Your company listing


Having a basic company listing on is totally free of charge. It is your opportunity to make your company visible to all the potential clients and customers who may visit this site in the future. 

You can use your listing to explain everything you do, to link to your website and to make your contact details accessible to all who search.



For a small fee £80+VAT you can create an enhanced profile with up to 9 photos of your products / service and more information. We will even upload your current feedback for you.


FEEDBACK FOR YOUR LISTING (including enhanced illustrated listing)

If you don’t have any quality feedback, we would suggest undertaking a client engagement survey (£399+VAT) where we will gather feedback from up to 10 of your clients, which will then be uploaded onto your profile. The choice is yours. If you select this option, the enhanced illustrated listing will be included as part of the package.